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Are you an adventure seeker, outdoor enthusiast & want to experience a piece of the wild & untamed Africa, all whilst being able to follow your passion for horses and riding? Then we have just the right spot for you!



Whether you are taking a gap year, a break from your busy job / career or just lust for something new, we can accommodate you into our program & guarantee a once in a lifetime experience!


Be a part of the day to day Ranch life here in Namibia & get a hands on experience with the wide range of exciting activities:


- Ranch drives to our wild & free living horse herds roaming around on the farm lands.

- Help out with the weaning process of the foals, halter - taming & marking.

- Learn about the traditional way of colt starting & fine art of horsemanship.

- Take part in a daily training and schooling routine up at the cowboy camp.

- Cattle working: driving, sorting, roping, doctoring & branding!

- Join in on our cowboy trail or star tours.


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Working, Riding Holidays at the edge of the Namib Desert,

in midst of the Tiras Mountains!


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