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Welcome to Ranch Koiimasis. Here you will find everything that revolves around western riding, horseback safaris and volunteering in Namibia.

Koiimasis is an intensive ranching operation located in the heart of the Tiras Mountain nature conservancy, right next to the Namib Desert. Here our horses, cattle & sheep roam together with the local wildlife on 40 000 hectars of diversified terrain.

Whether you are looking for a professionally versatile trained horse, a horse for the family or your all time dream horse, we have a big variety to choose from.


You are also invited to experience the raw & untamed African wilderness on our horseback safaris or be part of our exhilarating day to day life here on the ranch. We intent to let any horse lover and horseback adventurist have an experience of their lifetime.


Find our new Horse-Safari Programm for 2024 HERE!

Open slots for 2024

18.-26.02. | 16.-24.03. | 19.-27.04. | 20.-28.05. | 20.-28.06. | 21.-29.07. | 21.-29.08. | 20.-28.09. | 15.-23.10. | 25.11.-03.12.

All dates are extendable with our Atlantic Coast onTop option. Please aks for availabilities.

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