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Cowboy Camp

Ranch Koiimasis onTop Option Atlantic Coast

In October 2022, we were in Lüderitz with our horses. It was a great adventure for Horses and Riders. SOUND ON!

Ranch Koiimasis Horse-Safari Adventure

In November, we held our first tour with the new program. It was very adventurous but everything went perfect and the guests had a great time. Here is a small video with the best pictures from 7 unforgettable days of riding. SOUND ON!

Ranch Koiimasis Ranch-Dudes 2021

We still need Ranch-Dudes for the second half of the year. Find out now and grab the last available places

Ranch Koiimasis Bareback Challenge

If you don't have any guests at the moment and your colleague challenges you... Challenge accepted!

Ranch Koiimasis Groundwork

Groundwork is the base of horse training at Koiimasis

Ranch Koiimasis neckring riding with Milkshake

Our horses are very finely trained, actually you don't need a bit at all

Ranch Koiimasis Bitless Horseriding 2020

Here I ride our Attila with only a ring around his neck

Ranch Koiimasis Aerial footage

Small clip showing footage of the Cowboy-Camp from up above.

Volunteer Freda Bauer
showing off her newly acquired roping skills, in 2017

Doc Bronze

Our 12 year old hardy QH stallion showing off some moves.

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