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Ranch-Dude Program

Are you an adventure seeker, outdoor enthusiast & want to experience a piece of the wild & untamed Africa, all whilst being able to follow your passion for horses and riding?


Then become a Ranch-Dude!

Our Ranch-Dudes are more than just riding guests, they are actively involved in horse training, accompany our guest rides and learn everything about the daily ranch work by helping out.


Be a part of the day to day Ranch life here in Namibia & get a hands on experience with the wide range of exciting activities:


- Ranch drives to our wild & free living horse herds roaming around on the farm lands.

- Help out with the weaning process of the foals, halter - taming & marking.

- Learn about the traditional way of colt starting & fine art of horsemanship.

- Take part in a daily training and schooling routine up at the cowboy camp.

- Cattle working: driving, sorting, roping, doctoring & branding!

- Join in on our cowboy trail or star tours.

For more information an prices please check our dropdown menu with all frequently askes questions.

For testimonials of former Ranch-Dudes and Guests check our Reviews.


Working, Riding Holidays at the edge of the Namib Desert,

in midst of the Tiras Mountains!

Volunteer Caste Koiimasis
Landrover 1986
Ranch Koiimasis
Volunteers on Koiimasis
Volunteer on Koiimasis
Volunteers 2021
Volunteers 2021
Koiimasis Volunteers
Volunteers on Koiimasis
Tack Room
Volunteers 2021
Training with the volunteers
Welcome to Cowboy Country
Namibia Pierching - Gekko
Horse Paddocks at the Castle
Horsemanshiptraining with the volunteers
Training the fillies
Happy guests
Ranch Work
A fully loaded Bakkie
Guest rides with the volunteers
Exhibitions with the volunteers
Ranch Koiimasis
Ranch Koiimasis
Cattle Drives
Farm live
Guest rides
Funny Volunteers
Volunteers 2021
Ranch Koiimasis
Ranch Koiimasis Volunteers
Ranch Koiimasis Volunteers
Ranch Koiimasis
Volunteer Info
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