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​The somewhat "moonstruck" Idea to bring the western lifestyle to Africa became reality by the hand of Rancher and owner: Wulff Izko.

Nevertheless; possesing passion for equine, bovine and general wild west culture when living in a place similar to the depictions of John Wayne & Clint Eastwood films; one cannot blame his decisions.


Back then, the somewhat hundred head of Wild Horses were the only choice on the ranch & Cowboys sure had a hard time putting miles on their backs (one may say it got a little "western" at times).

As years passed by and many different cowboys and their training methods became depleted, Wulff had to put some time in for research, and as a result stumbled upon the American Quarter Horse breed.

Time was not wasted and the first Quarter horse stallion (Jabaroan) was bought.

Since then thorough selection was done to keep only the best string of horses on the Ranch.

The aim of the experiment was to implement the human tolerance & natural composure of the quarter horse back into the wild horses on the ranch, yet preserving their natural instincts & ecological niches.

During the past 15 years this pursuit has most certainly been achieved and is still being fine-tuned today. 

- the generation of the "Hardy Quarter Horse" was born.

Horses are schooled with strong influence of traditional western; californio/vaquero horsemanship.

The aim of this method of training is to build a strong relationship between horse and rider in order to produce a working horse that wants to function with the rider as one body and soul.


Cattle herding / doctoring, roping, cutting, trail riding & many, many more, all form part of the practice to a sound & versatile Ranch horse.


A convincing introduction to this fine art of Horsemanship was carried over by Ray Hunt student & follower Jaqueline Nadler, with ever so consuming cow-horse convidence lectures taught by Martin Black and thorough cowboying wisdom passed on by Mark & Miranda Lyon, it not only assures us & our horses a solid future foundation to sound horsemanship but to a whole lifestyle within.


So go on, give rein to your curiosity & partake in our passionate lifestyle whilst browsing through the site!


"There is nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse".

                                                                                                                                                                      ~John Lubbock

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