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Anne (33) From Dresden - November 21

At the beginning of this year I spontaneously booked the western adventure at the Koiimasis Ranch in Namibia. I had no idea what to expect. But no matter what I would have expected...


this vacation surpassed everything. Unbelievable vastness, beautiful landscape, great horses and a super nice accommodation, which is modeled after a small Wild West town with great attention to detail. Not to forget the lovely staff and ranch owners. Also the physical well-being was taken care of by the great cook. Tour guide Freda rounded out the experience with her easy-going but responsible manner. Through her I learned a lot about life in Namibia. Her planned horseback riding tours were an absolute highlight. Especially the 2 days in the desert camp were unforgettable. Also for solo travelers like me, this adventure is absolutely recommended. I will remember it for a long time and am already looking forward to the next time.

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