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Bianca from switzerland - since 2004

Once Africa, always Africa

For me, the saying "You can leave Africa. But Africa will never leave you!" is absolutely true. Since 2004 Namibia in all its facets does not let me go and in particular also the Ranch Koiimasis. I have always traveled to Koiimasis on my own and after a few short stays as a riding guest, I toured Namibia in 2015 and 2017 with "brought along" riding guests from Switzerland. On the plan was also the ranch and we experienced great days with clinics led by Marc and Miranda Lyon from the USA, day trips to the surrounding mountains and through the vast farmland. In addition, we were able to observe how the wild 3-year-old young stallions were sorted out, castrated and broken in. Well, at the beginning it was a matter of getting to the stallions in the first place. That's where real professionals were needed.

In 2018 and 2019, I was alone on Koiimasis leading the riding tours, driving lots of cattle back home from Korais, supervising a film crew producing a commercial for handbags, working with the riding horses, looking for new tours, and being part of farm life.

My farm life

It was always very intense, educational and varied times. Every day was different, but still with a certain routine. I experienced the farm in great drought and in full bloom, contested wild and quiet days, suffered some bruises, laughed with the riding guests, enjoyed the incredible sunsets, shared many stories around the campfire and stared at the incredible starry sky every evening. The work in the cowboy camp was as routine as possible: bringing in ponies, feeding them, cleaning paddocks, checking equipment, deworming, riding ponies or working from the ground, preparing guest tours...

The fascinating thing for me from the beginning was the primitiveness and clarity of the horses. It quickly becomes clear that we should be very aware of our body language and approach the ponies with caution. The trust towards the human being and the openness with which they approach the tasks set is very great and it is simply a pleasure to accompany the horses and enjoy the vastness of the countryside with them.

It is not easy for me to name a favorite horse, as each one is special in its own way. However, Blueprint remains in my memory, in whose saddle I have probably sat the most in 2019.

You can find more anecdotes and experiences during my stays on my homepage and


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