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Jill From Düsseldorf - April 2022

I was looking forward to a wonderful adventure in Namibia and I was not disappointed!

The nature and landscape on Koiimasis is breathtaking and for the first few days you can't believe that you are now allowed to explore everything on horseback in this wonderful environment. I was allowed to ride Attila on the tour, a very reliable horse, which immediately gave me a good feeling. Freda is a wonderful guide, always has the safety of the horses and guests in mind and each tour is unique with all kinds of stories and details about bushmen, the animals and nature on Koiimasis. A special highlight for me was the sundowner with horse including a small photo session and the tour to the Namib Desert. An unforgettable experience! The camp and the rooms are lovingly decorated and you can only feel good. The physical well-being is also well taken care of. All in all, the tour was a unique experience!


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