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Laura From Kiel - April 2022

My time at Koiimasis was incredibly beautiful. The country of Namibia speaks for itself anyway and inspires with its endless expanses and beautiful landscapes.

To be able to experience this wonderful place from the back of a horse is something that will burn itself into your memories. We galloped through unbelievably wide open spaces, with no traces of people to be seen in any direction. We climbed through mountains that I would have thought impossible for horses. We rode in the most beautiful light of the setting sun, with a rising full moon, the colours that develop are impossible to capture in a photo. At the same time, a beautiful farm where you can only feel at home. Everything is built with attention to detail and you meet different people who have exciting stories in store. I think the feeling of freedom you get at Koiimasis is hard to find anywhere else on the planet. You get a new idea of the enormity of our earth and also of life outside the first world. I always felt safe on the horses I rode. It was a pleasure to ride them as they were very fine and especially in cattledrives with their agility just fun to ride. For me, it was a very impressive experience, which was perfectly rounded off with a subsequent trip through the country and I can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys riding without fear.


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