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Lara (16) from germany - November 2021

During the autumn holidays 2021, together with my father, I went on my first riding holiday to Koiimasis in Namibia. When Dad told me about his idea to fly to Namibia for 10 days, I was immediately taken with it. When I saw the pictures, I was convinced.

In the days leading up to the trip, I was quite excited because I had never been to another continent before in my life and I can't remember my last flight either, because I was still a little kid then.
Before the trip, I had a picture of Africa in my head. Desert, bushes and stony mountains. I didn't think I would like the landscape of Namibia so much. The country is really beautiful and the breathtaking vastness fascinated me a lot. Galloping across the savanna for kilometres there is incredible. In general, the holiday was incredible. I experienced so much there and I am really grateful for it.
It was very interesting to learn about the history of the Bushmen and to climb over the mountains and drive cattle with Santana. The cattledrives, the 2-day tour and the ride through the Namib were my highlights. They also include the Namibian pool, barbecuing around the campfire, sleeping on the lorry, the sundowners and sitting on the car as it drives. I really made a lot of unforgettable memories in Namibia.
The whole team at Koiimasis is really super nice. We had delicious food every day, Freda was a great tour guide and the rooms were very lovely and beautifully decorated.
A holiday that can be recommended to everyone!


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