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M & M teach horsemanship as the basis of working with a horse.

This helps the person understand their horse and why and how they do things along with what they may expect next.

With this knowledge a person can help the horse in any situation to help them accomplish any task they need the horse to do.


Horsemanship can be defined as the ability to move any part of the horse’s body, at any time, with little or no resistance. It can, and is often compared to dancing, to be a good dance couple they must move fluidly and without resistance together, one leading the dance directing the timing and cadence as well as the movements. The follower, willingly following the direction and influence of the leader.This is accomplished in dancing and horseback riding by feel.  


M&M focus on what kind of feel the person is offering their horse along with the feel their horse is offering them to make the communication between the horse and rider soft. The person’s body position is just as important as the horse’s body position when performing maneuvers, so the focus to improve how the person sits a horse is just as important. Mark and Miranda like to make this experience fun by trying to incorporate tasks or games that promote good horsemanship and that improve your horse as well.



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