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Reiner (52) From Germany - November 21

Thanks to Corona I had the opportunity to spend 4 weeks as a Ranch-Dude on Koiimasis. With 30 years of experience on different ranches in Wyoming and Montana, I was excited about my African adventure.

As soon as I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with how lovingly the cowboy camp and Adventure Village were designed. I immediately felt at home. My accommodation - the castle - was awesome. But any ranch is nothing without the people on it - and of course the horses. I was quickly integrated into a great team and it was especially great to be able to work with different horses right away. In my opinion, riding different horses helps every rider tremendously.

I definitely took a lot with me - and maybe I also left something behind. Among the highlights were long gallops on really good, lively and characterful horses, exploring a trail over the Tiras Mountains for many hours together with Immanuel and Freda for the following guest ride and, of course, being able to ride in the dunes of the Namib Desert.  I hope I could give the riding guests as part of the Koiimasis team - an unforgettable vacation.

But one of my absolute favorite tasks was to work cattle with Immanuel. We understood each other immediately - even without big words.

The catering was simply super - regionally produced, lovingly prepared and appropriate for the place. Thanks to the kitchen - I have actually - despite intense physical work - gained a little over a kilo.

Unfortunately, the time was much too short. I hope that I can and may come again some time. I can only recommend the place to everyone; whether as a vacationer for a few days or as a Ranch-Dude who likes to work intensively with horses.


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