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Angelika, from Cologne - ApRil 2021

I was in April 2021 for two weeks on Koiimasis together with my husband. He was hunting and I was riding, a great combination!

Since we stayed a little longer and I also wanted to come hunting or relax from time to time, the riding program was put together especially for me. We were driving cattle and climbed mountains, watched wild horses and came closer to the Oryx herds than the hunters. On the trail rides I rode Spaniard, a super beautiful, sensitive gelding that I felt 100% comfortable on. During my time there were several volunteers on the farm who accompanied our rides - it's best in a group. On some days I also took riding lessons, since I didn't have too much experience in western riding. The highlight was the neck ring riding on Attila, I had never done anything like that before, you can see how sensitive these horses are - fantastic!

In summary, I can say that the stay at Koiimasis was a very special experience. It was not our first time in Namibia, but it was the first time at Ranch Koiimasis and I would have loved not to go home. Thanks to the host family Izko, thanks to the funny volunteers and thanks to tour guide, riding instructor and entertainer Freda - we will be back!

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