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Barbara From Nürnberg - 2021

In April 2021 I spent 4 weeks as a volunteer on Koiimasis.

My initial concern to travel to Namibia in times of Corona proved to be unfounded very quickly on site. You can't keep more distance than in the endless expanse of Namibia and the ranch. Also during my further round trip through the country we were in lodges mostly alone or with only a few people and could enjoy the hospitality of the people without any danger.

The 4 weeks on the Koiimasis were an incomparable experience. The location of the ranch is incredibly beautiful and I was often asked if I was in the USA. Real cowboy feeling comes up here in any case. And of course the great, sure-footed horses also contribute to this. During rides on the extensive farm grounds, we galloped through the impressive landscape, climbed mountains with the horses and drove cattle.

In addition to taking care of the horses on a daily basis, our duties also included work in the riding arena, round pen, or obstacle course. At the end of the day we were usually rewarded with an impressive sundowner.

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