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Cowboy Trail #1 Success!

Our first Cowboy Trek took place March/April 2015.

120 km of desert territory (spread out over 5 different farming grounds) was covered in 5 days with seven enthusiastic riders.

This trail covers the areas that were home to the Bushman (San) & the first missionaries that set foot on the Tiras Mountains in the early 1850's.

During our 5 day venture we got to experience the raw & somewhat untouched nature of the Tiras-Mountains and its surroundings; ranging from the desert

-adapted flora & fauna to a variety of wildlife & breathtaking panoramic views from the highest spots of the mountain range.

With all the ups & "downs" experienced during the trek it certainly made for some great campfire stories that will always be remembered!

Humans & horses made it all the way to the finish line at Namtib biosphere reserve & we are excited for the next few trails to come!

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